MY Yamimeal Store

Connects you with your customers

Explore your protential customers

My Yamimeal Store

Perfect for beverage, fast-food, or any small to mid-size restaurant

No Commissions

Limited-time offers to help grow business and provide more exposure.

Contactless Ordering

Improve the ordering process and increase efficiency during peak hours.

Your Customer Pool

Increase profit margins by attracting new customers and retaining repeat customers

Omni-channel Maketing

Build an identifiable brand for your restaurant by using our easy-to-use social media page creation tool.

Business Data Analysis

Operation dashboard with visualized numbers and charts.

Genius Service Team

Professional services team will resolve any issue in a timely manner

Why You Should Choose Us

If you have the following issues with your business?

High operation cost

Yamimeal is commission free, and charges a low processing fee of 3.5%

Choatic in-person ordering process

Yamimeal offers online and QR code ordering to improve crowd control

Inability to handle hoilday order

Yamimeal offers online preordering to help ease seasonal rush orders.

Inablilty to manage customers

Yamimeal's management system provides operation strategies to different groups of customers .

Free consultation from our professional team

Online & offline store diagnosis

Provide risk assessment to identify potential problems, and provide solutions that tailored to evey customer’s needs.

Optimize your online business performance

Professional team to help you create a one-of-a-kind Yamimeal digital store front.

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Connects you with your customers

Explore your protential customers