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The Instant Communication with your Customers.

Having a hard time to reach and understand your customers? Yamimeal can help! We provides a instant communication platforms for you to connect with your customers and VIP system for you to create customized relationship with your customers. Our report will also provide a better insight for your business performance.

Yamimeal Feature - Instant Message
Yamimeal Feature - Lower Commission Cost

The Lowest Commission You Can Find.

Yamimeal is not the third party. We want you to be successful with your business. The lowest commission you can find is only at our platform. 

The Better Management Tool for Your Restaurant.

Yamimeal offers multi-terminal solution and personalized interface based on your business, simplifying the process and bringing in a better operation experience between you and your customers. All the data will be live for you to track your restaurant performance. 

Yamimeal Feature - Management Tool