About Us

Yamimeal is a low-rate online ordering platform, committing to deepening the connection between merchants and diners by providing merchants with a platform that is more convenient for online business. Yamimeal hopes to use food to connect more harmonious and closer community relationships and contribute to the development of the restaurant industry.

In recent years, competition in the US restaurant industry has become increasingly fierce, and restaurant elimination rates have become higher and faster. Online food delivery has become a breakthrough point in the restaurant industry. However, the excessively high platform service fee has kept many restaurants, especially small and medium-sized restaurants, out of the door. Because of this, Yamimeal hopes to provide a platform with a lower threshold with lower service fees, to provide more unique, safe and hygienic restaurants with online takeout opportunities, and increase business turnover. Therefore, Yamimeal offers a pure platform model to allow merchants to maintain a good relationship with their diners through our continuously developing online features and continue to expand their online business. Because the service fee of the Yamimeal platform is extremely low, it creates more profits for businesses of different sizes, especially small and medium-sized businesses and start-up businesses, so that businesses can provide better services to diners.

Yamimeal has a en-route pick-up system that supports diners to pick up their meals on their way. Not only is it low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but it can also better connect diners with restaurants and provide them with opportunities to communicate online and offline in real time. The low rate of the platform allows merchants to offer more high-end dishes such as abalone and seafood meals without any worries; as a result, diners can get more high-quality and more abundant take-away food.

In addition, Yamimeal is very familiar with the pain points of merchant operations, understanding the importance of word of mouth and relationship between customers and merchants. Allowing merchants to get to know their regular customers, and to set up discount offer for regular customers can make diners more dependent on merchants and become Loyal customers of the business.


Yamimeal Feature - Management Tool
Yamimeal Feature - Lower Commission Cost

Yamimeal understand that giving someone fish is worse than teaching someone how to fish. In addition to providing a simple and easy-to-use online ordering system for merchants, we also provide new customers including limited-time special offers and custom coupons for merchants, constantly attracting new customers for merchants.

Yamimeal, a pure platform designed to connect merchants and customers closer, is made for your easier life and your more harmonious community.



Vincent Choi

Product Team

Yamimeal is committed to providing merchants with a platform that makes e-commerce more accessible and convenient. Through the platform functionalities online, merchants are able to maintain good relationships with their customers for continuous growth. This attracted me to join Yamimeal as part of the team. 

Jenny Lin

Product Team

Yamimeal provides a platform for merchants of different sizes. At low rate, Yamimeal enables merchants, especially for the small and medium-sized as well as the start-up businesses , to provide better services while retaining higher profit. 

John Huang

Product Team

Yamimeal realized that the restaurant failure rate is getting higher and faster. We hope to create a lower-service-fee platform for high quality restaurants, allowing them to increase their mobile orders via e-commerce. I enjoy visiting unique restaurants and wish to better support them by working with Yamimeal.

Gregory Charles Rivers

Marketing Team

I joined Yamimeal in order to provide more opportunities to the merchants and help their businesses to achieve continuous developments.

Kiki Lam

Marketing Team

Yamimeal aims to provide greater options for both restaurants and diners. Via Yamimeal, the low cost platform-only service, restaurants could now offer relatively high-cost dishes, such as abalone and seafood meals, without the need to raise prices due to high service fees. This also allowes diners to order dishes based on their preference rather than the price. Therefore, Yamimeal creates more flexibility for both restaurants and diners.

Eddy Ma

Product Team

Yamimeal understands the diffculty of running a business, also how important reputations and regular customers are to the businesses. Yamimeal helps merchants identify their regulars, and offering personalized discounts to increase their loyalty to the merchants.

Milian Qiu

Product Team

Environmental protection and interpersonal communications are both my business goals. The en-route pickup system from Yamimeal allows diners to live low-carbon lifestyles by eliminating unneccesary carbon-footprints, and also creates more opportunities for interpersonal interactions with the merchants.  

Celyne Fang

Product Team

Yamimeal knows the importance of knowledge as the tool to success. In addition to providing an easy-to-use online ordering system for merchants, it also provides features including limited-time special offers and merchant-customizable discounts attract more customers.

Join Us

Joining Yamimeal is like working with a team shared similar visions. Through Yamimeal, we help building closer relationships between merchants and diners, connecting local communities with gourmets, and contribute to the development of food service industry.


As Yamimeal develops, we are providing our merchants more convenient and complete functionalities. We are actively looking for professionals who share similar visions to join us and continue to strengthen our team. If you are interested in becoming a member of Yamimeal, please send your resume to